Aug 25th ’16: On a ‘Green New Deal’ for Europe


Wind turbines in Eempolder, NL

One of DiEM’s political challenges lying ahead is putting together a DiEM European Agenda (DEA) that puts forward very specific Policy Papers.

Here are two out of six points (read them all here):

+ GREEN NEW DEAL: Investment-led Green Recovery & Macroeconomic Policy –
incorporating policies for financing the Green Transition and tackling
effectively the crisis of debt, banking, insufficient investment,
intra-European imbalances, poverty alleviation, the faulty architecture
of the euro, monetary policy coordination between the Eurozone and
non-Eurozone economies.

investing in? And how can Europe avoid becoming hostage to the
technological choices made by multinationals giants for multinational

In the spirit of self-organisation, these policy papers should be discussed among DiEMers at the local level, who will, at a later point in time, compile all questions, comments and ideas to be sent to a dedicated DiEM comitee who will, in turn, submit a Policy Paper Proposal to the DiEM Assembly.

We therefore invite you to participate in the first lecture of the DCU Amsterdam and learn all you can about the Green New Deal. You don’t know what the New Deal refers to? Or why banking is concerned by a Green New Deal? Or why such a deal is being put forward at all? This lecture is for you!

We are not about consensus, we are about informing; we are not about political ideologies, we are about educating ourselves. And remember: everyone is welcome!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

DCU Amsterdam



VU University Amsterdam – Thu Aug 25th 20:00-22:00 hrs. (Room F-123 at Gebouw Exacte Wetenschappen W&N; see directions coming from station Amsterdam Zuid on map above)


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