Oct 06th ’16: On transparency, legitimacy and governance


Transparent Europe?

DiEM25’s political aim is to put together, from the grassroots upwards, a democratic ‘Progressive Agenda for Europe’ addressing systematically challenges that Europe currently faces. Organisationally, the process of putting up together such an agenda will play a key role in mobilising members, experts and citizens in the pursuit of common goals. And the DCU Amsterdam looks forward to carrying the torch!

One main issue we would like you to come and discuss with us is that of transparency. DiEM has formulated the challenge as follows:

‘Transparent Europe: Introducing transparent government across Europe’

We would like to invite you to actively participate in the next seminar of the DCU Amsterdam. Why should we ask for transparent governments? What is the rhyme or reason to opaque governments? When and why do governments become illegitimate? Are you aware of how the EU operates? Do you (not) know what policies are designed and pushed on your behalf? This seminar is for you!

Are you already thinking of a particular speaker who would be exceptionally fit to address this issue? Submit your suggestion!

We are not about consensus, we are about informing; we are not about political ideologies, we are about educating ourselves. And remember: everyone is welcome!

Looking forward to meeting you soon!


DCU Amsterdam



VU University Amsterdam – Thu Oct 6th 19:00-22:00 hrs. (Room F-123 at Gebouw Exacte Wetenschappen W&N; see directions coming from station Amsterdam Zuid on map above)



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