Programme – On transparency, legitimacy and governance

Dear attendees of the DCU seminar, dear DiEM’ers, dear all,

Upcoming Thursday (Oct 6th) the DCU will be hosting a seminar on transparency, legitimacy and governance. We are delighted to share our programme with you!



19:00-19:30 hrs. Get together: Room F-123 (see details below)

19:30-19:45 hrs. Introductory video clip

19:45-20:00 hrs. Boris Slijper from the department of Sociology, VU Amsterdam

20:15-20:30 hrs. Vangelis Papadimitropoulos. Phd in political philosophy

20:30-21:00 hrs. Panel discussions

21:00-onwards Open discussion


Looking forward to meeting you soon!

DCU Amsterdam



VU University Amsterdam – Thu Aug 25th 19:00-22:00 hrs. (Room F-123 at Gebouw Exacte Wetenschappen W&N; see directions coming from station Amsterdam Zuid on map above)


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