New website for DiEM25 NL

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We have now embedded the DCU contributions in a brand new DiEM25 NL website! Check it out here! All of the DCU posts will be allocated there from now on and this website will eventually be taken down. Again: thank you for actively following us!

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A video to explain why a DCU is needed


In an interview on February this year, Jeroen Dijsselbloem was asked whether he would repeat his statement, made two years ago, that things are getting better in Europe. In what appears to be an effort to keep a straight face, the president of the Eurogroup replies: “Of course. Since it has gotten better”. But, has it? A number of people in Europe (and beyond) could not disagree more.

Here a video clip we would like to share with you explaining why we need people across Europe to rise up, debate, inform themselves and others until we get Europe democratised!

Watch now!

DCU Amsterdam

We are online!

Hello world!

The website of the DiEM Citizen University (DCU) is now running and it will hopefully soon become a place of strong interaction between citizens. All seminars, material, upcoming events will be anounced/reported here.

Remember: you are the vital pillar of this project. Let us know what you would like to educate yourself in, who you would like to talk to, what you think people should be discussing and so on and so forth. Your participation is essential!

Carpe DiEM!

DCU Amsterdam

Formal Launching Of DCU Amsterdam Approaching

A group of Amsterdam DiEM’ers are now working towards a new DSC (DiEM Spontaneous Collective) orbiting around the notion of Education. We think that phenomena like Brexit perfectly illustrate where we end up when toxic policies, politics of fear, non-independent media and a sudden call for democratic participation are combined. On the one hand, we firmly believe in civic participation when it comes to political actions, on the other hand, we also think it is crucial that citizens are well informed. The DiEM Citizen University is a space where people come to ask questions, inform themselves, participate in debates… in short, all those things that make us citizens of the place we live in! We educate ourselves passionately and relentlessly for Europe is too important to be left to incompetent elites.