A video to explain why a DCU is needed


In an interview on February this year, Jeroen Dijsselbloem was asked whether he would repeat his statement, made two years ago, that things are getting better in Europe. In what appears to be an effort to keep a straight face, the president of the Eurogroup replies: “Of course. Since it has gotten better”. But, has it? A number of people in Europe (and beyond) could not disagree more.

Here a video clip we would like to share with you explaining why we need people across Europe to rise up, debate, inform themselves and others until we get Europe democratised!

Watch now!

DCU Amsterdam


If they claim…

…that they do not believe in Europe, that Europe as such is democratic and we are all doing just fine, their voice is not being heard anyway… how do you respond? We are working on a theasurus of template arguments you can reply with so as to re-gain momentum during discussion and avoid having people shut their door and help them to actually start listening. We will keep you posted…